I Slap Babies


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Anonymous asked: Sorry to bother you but how come you never stream yourself sketching a commission?

when i usually sketch a commission i make changes to alot, i mean ALOT of things, so its just constant erasing and re-drawing over n over again, sketching process also i think might be the longest process for me throughout the whole cg-ing, cause i have no idea how i want to draw it so im just brainstorming ideas

i dont want to stream that kind of sketching process for people to see lmao it’ll show my hardcore noob side

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I was wondering if your lineart is done through small strokes or do you try to do one whole stroke in a go? I hope that makes sense. >\\<

it depends what part im usually lineing but i guess i preferably do more long quick strokes than small strokes

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When you kiss your teeth at your parents then try to play it off

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